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White Paper: IT Budget Strategy in a Down Economy: Stop Buying Storage!
The current recessionary economic cycle has introduced a great deal of uncertainty into the business climate. Organizations are reluctant to spend any more money than absolutely necessary, which has limited or delayed the acquisition of IT equipment that otherwise might have been routine. Forecasts vary widely for the depth and length of any recession, but it is clear that 2009/2010 budgets are uncertain at best and hedged against a prolonged downturn. If there is a silver lining, it is that IT organizations can use this opportunity to consolidate existing projects without pressure to begin new ones. This means that the immediate focus should be on optimizing existing systems and how to extend their useful life. The other bit of good news is that many organizations have 50% or more available storage capacity that may accommodate the organization¿s needs for the foreseeable future. Plus, many technologies currently exist that can help optimize existing systems.
Vendori: Symantec
Lisätty: 26.02.2009
Julkaistu: 27.01.2009
Sivumäärä: 10
Kategoriat: Yrityssovellukset
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