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White Paper: Software AG: Business Infrastructure Software in Action (Zapthink)
Enterprises around the world are facing a momentous transformation, as they move away from traditional, inflexible approaches to leveraging information technology (IT) resources to a more agile way that helps to improve business processes. Transition from an aggegration-centric view of technology to the composition-centric view positions IT resources as flexible services that the business can compose together to support and manage flexible processes heralds a new era of value to organizations. Underpinning this transition is the move to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which provides best practices for organizing IT resources to enable organizations to better leverage business change.
Vendori: Software AG
Lisätty: 07.05.2008
Julkaistu: 07.05.2008
Sivumäärä: 18
Kategoriat: Yrityssovellukset
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